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Here at Zen Martial Arts, we feel that Judo should align with its Japanese translation, “the way of gentleness.” Though Judo is an intense martial art that requires great endurance and strength, it should be practiced in an orderly way that honors and protects everyone involved.

Judo and Wrestling


Zen Martial Arts’s Wrestling and Judo classes are challenging, yet extremely welcoming and fulfilling. We feel that Wrestling & Judo are the perfect martial arts for athletes looking to expand their physical abilities and gain greater experience in self-defense. Still not seeing the advantages? Our martial artists who practice Judo or wrestle are known for their quick thinking and high levels of strength, coordination, and agility. Not only are Wrestling and Judo amazing martial arts to practice, but the skills you’ll acquire from them are guaranteed to take your athletic game in all other martial art disciplines to the next level.

Fosters A Rich History

So…what is Judo anyways?

The Japanese martial art of Judo arose from Jiu Jitsu in the late 1800s, and has been included in the Olympics since 1964. Judo is a combat sport that primarily utilizes throwing and grappling techniques. NBC Olympics explains that a Judo match can be won in a variety of ways – such as scoring an ippon, scoring two waza-aris, or your opponent receiving one hansoku-make penalty or four shido penalties.


Judo is a very unique martial art discipline. While many other forms of martial arts focus on striking, attacking, and overcoming an opponent using intense kicks and punches, Wrestling and Judo emphasize defense. For example, in a Judo match, the martial artist aims to exhaust their opponent through grappling. Judo is softer, gentler, and more efficient in its use of energy and effort than all other disciplines. This martial art teaches moves and maneuvers that allow a smaller fighter to succeed against a larger and often stronger opponent. This distinctive element of Judo makes it ideal for self-defense, particularly among children and smaller individuals.

While people are impressed by the fancy kicks and punches of martial art disciplines such as Karate and Taekwondo, they often underestimate the impact of Wrestlinga and Judo’s grappling, throws, and blocks. Wrestling and Judo extremely strategic, preparing its practitioners well for fights that end up on the ground – a reality in many real-life altercations.

Promotes Important Values

At Zen Martial Arts, we believe that mastery in body and mind must happen simultaneously. When martial artists are in tune with their emotions, can control their actions, and hold strong standards for themselves, their athletic performance will reach new heights. We push our students to take care of those around them, act with integrity, persevere through challenges, and learn from their mistakes. Thanks to these values, Zen Martial Arts is home to an amazing martial art community, where all students are sure to thrive.


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