MMA is often misinterpreted as a discipline of power and anger when it’s really about focus, technique, and joy. At Zen Martial Arts, we develop all of your MMA skills — physical, mental, and respect you hold for your opponent. Practicing the values and artistry of martial arts in a safe, welcoming environment allows you to advance your practice truly. We’re here to guide and empower you every kick of the way.




The practice of Jiu Jitsu indeed shows why we use the word “art” in martial arts. JJ is a discipline involving skillful use of leverage and grappling on the ground to engage an opponent. The nature of Jiu Jitsu requires just as much exercise of mental technique and focus as it does for the physical side of it. It’s almost like a chess match. No matter what, we have to respect the mental skills of our opponent. Zen Martial Arts are passionate about developing our student’s abilities in the art of Jiu Jitsu through safe and empowering experiences.




Zen Martial Arts emphasizes the values of patience, discipline, effort, and mental focus just as much as we teach physical technique. That’s why our Baby Buddhas program has become so popular among parents and our young students alike.

Children have a blast when offered the opportunity to be energetic and explore their hand-eye coordination. Allowing them to be active with friends their age helps them appreciate the need to be patient when it’s not their turn and to use focus when learning a new skill. Our classes have a fantastic balance for kids 3 and 5 years old and a joyful experience every time.



The original meaning of Judo in Japanese is “the way of gentleness,” a phrase that inspires our classes at Zen Martial Arts. Building the endurance and strength needed to successfully master the physical movements of Judo also requires developing mental clarity, strength, and focus. We strive to create a healthy learning environment when we practice Judo to allow everyone to improve and find joy in the art.